Bitcoin (BTC) Facts: Reasons Why You May Want To Invest In This Asset

8 min readMar 27, 2022

Facts About Bitcoin (BTC)

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment and educational purposes only. It is not intended as financial advice. I am not a financial adviser so, be sure to research with due diligence before making any investments.

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In this article I will list some interesting facts about Bitcoin and show why you may want to learn more or invest in this asset.

1. Bitcoin Is The Best Performing Asset In The Past Decade

In an article published on on March 16, 2021 titled Bitcoin Becomes Best Performing Asset Of The Decade, Returning Ten Times More Than Nasdaq 100, the author Samyuktha Sriram showed a tweet from Charlie Bilello (Founder and CEO of Compound Capital Advisors) showing the returns of different asset classes in the past 10 years. The table from the tweet shows Bitcoin was number one with 230.6% annualized returns and a cumulative return of about 20037142%.

Table Showing Asset Class Returns over the last 10 years (as of 3/13/21), source:

2. There Will Only Ever Be 21 Million BTC

The number of Bitcoin was capped at 21,000,000 programmatically. This can be seen in the open source code and was done so that it would make Bitcoin scarce which could help increase Bitcoin’s price and makes Bitcoin deflationary.

Source: Why 21Million Is The Maximum Number Of Bitcoins Can Be Created

Note: There are 21,951,000 millionaires in the US (as of 2021). This means that each millionaire in the United States (not mentioning the rest around…