Jobs Every Company Will Be Hiring for By 2020

The Hottest Jobs for Year 2020

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The job market is changing and changing quickly, according to a report by the World Economic Forum, technological advances and demographic changes may lead to the loss of about 5 million jobs by 2020. The report calls this the fourth industrial revolution, and states that administrative and white-collar office jobs ( work that’s performed in an office or other administrative setting) will be gone. Some jobs will be gone completely, others will blossom and jobs that don’t exist today will become the norm.

In the future current jobs today will change. We are already seeing some of the changes today with self driving cars possibly replacing taxi and Uber drivers, self driving trucks like Tesla trucks, possibly replacing truck drivers , and Amazon using robots in it’s warehouses and delivering packages with drones.

There are many people and sources out there trying to predict what the job market will look like in the future. In this article I will talk about the jobs in my opinion that will be needed in the future based off of articles I’ve read, the changes I see in my company, and other companies. Spoiler alert, jobs that fall under the computer and mathematical occupations will grow and will be needed. Let’s get started.

Data Analyst / Scientist

The world is producing more and more data every year. Scientist estimate the total data stored as of 2011 was 295 Exabyte’s of data. David Reinsel estimates the amount of data being produced to reach 163 Zettabytes by 2025, and as of 2016 IBM reported about 90% of the worlds data had been created within the past 2 years.

IBM Predicts Demand For Data Scientists Will Soar 28% By 2020

Data Analytics and Data Science are interdisciplinary fields of scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured. Both fields are very similar and overlap sometimes but not exactly the same for example according to, the average salary for Data Analyst is $65,470 while the average salary for a Data Scientist is $118,709, this isn’t the only difference of course. Data analyst are excellent at Structured Query Language (SQL) and can use it and regular expressions to slice up data. Data scientists on the other hand can do everything a data analyst can, but they usually have a strong foundation in modeling analytics, math , statistics and computer science. With all of this data companies will need someone to make sense of it all.

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Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is a field in computer science and a particular application of data science, that gives computers the ability to “learn” from data and make predictions. It is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI). A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some class of tasks T and performance measure P, if its performance at task T, as measured by P, improves with experience E.

Already we are seeing computers outperform their human counter parts from AI beating the best players in games like GO, Chess, and Poker, to them outperforming lawyers in finding issues with Non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s), and identifying cancerous cells with more accuracy than epidemiologists. You can read a summary about AI’s improvements here.

So, is machine learning the job of the future, well according to Jeff Nelson the answer is yes and no. He believes right now and possibly the next 20 years, we will see a major need for machine learning and data science specialists to show the applications of machine learning to businesses and help them increase profits, but eventually like any technology it will almost certainly become just another core technology in the business. I would say then by 2020 it is probably a good chance this job will be in high demand.

Within the next decade, AI is expected to be able to write a high school essay and drive a truck better than a human can, have a 50% chance of outperforming all human tasks within 45 years and automate all jobs in the next century, according to The Future of Work: Robotics, AI, and Automation, a book by Darrell West, director of the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings.

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The Future Of Work

Software Developer

This occupation should be no surprise that it will be one of the hottest jobs in year 2020. Software developer includes programmers, computer scientists, computer engineers, augmented reality developers and Information Technology just to name a few. Software developers are the people who create the software people use every day, this includes the research, design, programming, and testing of the computer software.

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As Steve Tickle on put it, “software cannot become standardized as software solves problems, unless all problems become standardized. This will not happen.” So there will always be a need for software developers. Software Developers are among one of the fastest growing jobs out there. The projected future growth for this occupation according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is 24% through 2022 , which is much faster growth than average.

Database Administrator

Database administrators (DBA) will probably become more in-demand by 2020, since companies are moving towards software that include Artificial Intelligence. “Having well-maintained databases is really the secret to allowing those products to work effectively” according to Nate Meneer who is a Forrester researcher. The database administrator maintains the integrity, performance, and security of the database. The DBA also does troubleshooting of any issues on behalf of the users. According to, the average base pay is $77,428/year as of 2018.

Cloud Engineer

Many companies are moving to the “cloud” and most of those companies are choosing multiple vendors like, Oracle, Amazon , and Microsoft etc. Cloud engineering is an IT professionals responsibility for any technological duties associated with cloud computing. Cloud computing is definitely a buzz a word which doesn’t mean your data is in the fluffy white things in the sky, but that your data is stored, and maintained somewhere else (not on premise) and the networks of servers find the data that you need and sends it to you. Cloud engineer salaries according to is $95000 /year as of 2018.

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Specialized Sales People

Specialized sales people will be needed to explain a company’s product or service to many different clients. This includes current businesses and new leads that the company has not worked with before.

Senior Managers

These managers will be needed to help lead the changes within their organization. A manager is a person responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company. There are already changes within companies that are happening from reskilling employees, to moving all data to the cloud within the organization.

Product Designers (Creativity Jobs)

Many jobs will be automated, but creative jobs will still require a human being. This includes car designers, app designers, and manufacturing goods.

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Human Resources and Organizational Development

Human Resources (HR), will be needed to retrain employees for other occupations within their organization, seeing as how some current occupations will be gone all together. Human resources will also be needed to hire people for the new high in demand skills within the market.

The future looks bright for the jobs listed in this article, and I expect to see them on the rise in the next few years. I hope you all enjoyed this article, thanks for reading. If you truly enjoyed please leave a few claps to show it !
Let me know what job you think will be in high demand in the future.

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