The Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence

Discrimination, Loss of Jobs, & Loss of Control

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Discrimination (Sex & Race)

Discrimination by Artificial Intelligence (A.I) computer algorithms can and have occurred. There was the voice recognition software that struggled to understand women, the algorithm that was used for crime prediction that targeted black neighborhoods (aka a predictive policing system), Googles image recognizing algorithm that labeled African Americans as Gorillas, and Amazons A.I. hiring tool that discriminated against women.

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An algorithm will learn only from the data that the programmer provides it, if you provide it with resumes where mostly men get accepted to a company, and very few women get accepted, then the algorithm will also show this skewness from the data, the algorithm will more than likely accept most resumes from men as acceptable candidates for the company position and discriminate against the women.

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Google Images mislabeling images of black people as Gorillas

Predictive policing, in essence, is taking data from disparate sources, analyzing them and then using the results to anticipate, prevent and respond more effectively to future crime. Predictive policing entails becoming less reactive and more proactive.

Although drug use estimates according to public health data is roughly equivalent across races (white, black , and other), the percent of population targeted by predictive policing algorithms are about twice the rates of whites.

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Discrimination charts of predictive policing

Loss of Jobs Due to More Automation.

Advances in Artificial Technology (A.I.) will transform our world, this fact is not debated. What is currently being debated is when, where and how AI will transform our world. Although many believe that AI will create new jobs, many people also believe that it will take away a lot of jobs.

A two-year study from McKinsey Global Institute reports that by 2030 AI and robotics could remove about 30 percent of all human labor in the world, which would displace jobs of about 800 million workers.

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Andrew NG

One job that Andrew NG (the founder of Google brain and previous Baidu AI chief scientist) recommends to stay away from is radiology, do to AI’s capability to accurately identify medical images either as good or better than radiologist. He believes AI will take over this sector in the near future. Radiology is a medical specialty that uses imaging to diagnose and treat diseases seen within the body.

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Image of Lung Tissue and Cancerous Cells Radiologist Look At To Diagnose Patience Source:

Other jobs that AI will most likely take over according to are telemarketers, because of the robo-calls happening on behalf of companies to sell you their product or service, Bookkeeping Clerks, Compensation and Benefits Managers, Receptionists, Couriers , and Proofreaders.

We can also see other jobs such as driving occupations (truck drivers & cab drivers) that could be replaced by the self driving vehicles being developed today by companies like Google, Tesla, and Uber.

Within the next decade, AI is expected to be able to write a high school essay and drive a truck better than a human can, have a 50% chance of outperforming all human tasks within 45 years and automate all jobs in the next century, according to The Future of Work: Robotics, AI, and Automation, a book by Darrell West, director of the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings.

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The Future Of Work

No Control Over AI

It is possible to lose control over AI, especially if it were to become sentient. We have already seen a loss of control with AI happen in the past with Facebook. It may not be the terminator scenario where AI has taken over the world and people are fighting against robotic machines for their lives, but a future like that could be possible.

Facebook (currently the most popular social network globally) shut down an AI program after the developers found that the AI had created its own language that humans could not understand (Note: This was overly dramatized in the media). The two AI chat bots diverged from the script they were given and started communicating in a brand new unique language that was developed without any human input. This could be a glimpse of humans losing control of AI.

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If you would like to read more on some of the break throughs of artificial intelligence, I recommend you read my article “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Break Throughs”.

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