The 8 Best Programming Languages to Learn for Developers

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As a programmer, it is good to keep up with the hottest trends and languages being used. Right now the hot topics are data analytics / science, artificial intelligence, web programming, mobile apps, game development and databases. There are programming languages that complement those topics. Here are my top picks for popular programming languages based on salary, job prospects, ease of use and relevance.

#8 Haskell

Haskell programmers median salaries are $87,800. If you were this type of developer in Silicon Valley, you would expect to make about $134,000 a year. That amount is about the 85th percentile given a multiplicative standard deviation of about 52.2%. Haskell is one of the most popular functional programming languages around. Haskell comes closest to programming in pure mathematics.

#7 PHP

This language has been around for a while, and that means there are legacy systems that use this language that need programmers. PHP is beginner friendly, and many beginners find it effortless to pick up. PHP is a dynamically typed language which means the same thing can easily mean something different depending on the context, so this could cause problems when your code gets larger if you are inexperienced. It’s community is amazing, it was the 3rd largest community on Stack Overflow in 2016, and 5th largest on GitHub& Meetup. The average salary for a PHP developer is $89,440 with a range of 42,000 USD to 134,000 USD. Some popular / notable companies using PHP are Facebook, WhatsApp, Wikipedia, and Tesla ! PHP version 7 is now out to address the problems that the language has been accused of like inconsistency and slowness.

#6 C /C++

I have grouped 2languages into one, it’s kind of cheating but these languages are very similar. The C programming language is a general purpose imperative programming language. This language has efficient constructs that match to typical machine instructions which makes it very fast. The median salary for this developer is $73,964 with a range from $50,689 to $110,426 according to PayScale as of Nov 23, 2017. Below is a video on how easy the C programming language can be.

With C plus plus AKA C++, you can make Desktop games, Web apps and Mobile apps. It is another general purpose programming language, and was designed with a bias toward system programming and embedding. According to as of Nov. 16 2017 the median salary for this developer is $80,836 with a range from $58,985 — $120,716. C++ is a great language to learn anytime, it has been improved upon over the years by adding many frameworks.

#5 Python

Python is another great language to get started with it was designed to be easy to understand and apparently this programming language name came from Monty Python. It is a dynamically typed language like PHP. With Python you can do data mining like scraping links from websites, desktop apps, web apps, machine learning, and scientific computing with the statistical libraries. Since Python is a dynamic language like PHP it can be slow. Python has over 85.9k followers on Stack Overflow. It also has a large community where you can ask questions and get answers. The average salary for this developer would be $107,000, with a salary range between 43,000 USD and 135,000 USD in 2016. According to the TIOBE index Python is the 4th most popular language. With all of the hype around Big Data, Data Analytics , Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, this is one of the languages at the for front of those topics. Below is a video of using Python to scrape data from websites. Here is a great book to get started with Python called Head First Python !

#4 C#

C Sharp also written as C# is a multi-paradigm language, it is imperative, functional , and object oriented. Like many of the other languages listed here, it can be used to make games, desktop and mobile apps. The C sharp developer can expect a median salary of about $69,421 according to PayScale as of Nov 16, 2017. Below is a video on creating a simple desktop app using C#. You can get yourself a great book to get started with C# here called Head First C# !

#3 JavaScript

If you are a web programmer or developer then you know JavaScript, it’s every where. You can use it for the client side or server side functionality. It can be inserted into any webpage regardless of the file extension. It is speedy. The average base salary for this developer is $72,500 per year according to Glassdoor.

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#2 Java

Java is an object oriented programming language, and is one of my favorite programming languages. It is easy to learn and many systems use this language. With this language one program can be ran on many different platforms. It also has a comprehensive documentation, which is one of the best things about this language. According to PayScale the average annual salary for this developer is $69,722, and in places like San Francisco the average salaries were $97,000 a year. Below you will see a video of a few Java videos showing how easy the language is to learn. A great book for getting started in java is called Head First java.

#1 SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is also sometimes pronounced “see kwel”. It is a programming language for manipulating, storing, and retrieving data from a database. As a matter of fact it is the standard language to communicate with Relational Database Management Systems (DBMS). It has been over thirty years and it’s still going strong, and is easy to use. According to Glassdoor the national average salary in the United States for this developer is $90,625, and with all the buzz around Big Data, Data Analytics / Science, and Machine Learning, I don’t see this language disappearing any time soon.


There really isn’t a “best programming language”, but some of the ones mentioned are currently marketable, or growing and easy to use. Many people have their own opinion on the best languages to learn right now. These are just my thoughts and the languages that I would learn if just starting to program.

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