What’s Computer Science ?

What is computer science ?

Computer Science Career Path

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How to get started in the field of Computer Science ?

Computer Science History

Some Notable Influential Computer Scientists

Charles Babbage (1791–1871)— Invented the Mechanical Computer
Alan Turing (1912–1954) Credited as the first Computer Scientist
Edsger Dijkstra (1930–2002) Created the Shortest Path Algorithm
Grace Hopper (1906–1992) Created the Compiler

Popular Computer Science Algorithms

Sorting algorithms

Bubble Sort

1 for i = 1 to A.length - 1
2 for j = A.length downto i + 1
3 if A[j] < A[j - 1]
4 exchange A[j] with A[j - 1]

Selection Sort

Merge Sort

Search Algorithms

Binary Search

binary_search(A, target):
lo = 1, hi = size(A)
while lo <= hi:
mid = lo + (hi-lo)/2
if A[mid] == target:
return mid
else if A[mid] < target:
lo = mid+1
hi = mid-1

// target was not found
A video using Binary Search

Linear Search

Depth First Search

Dijkstras Algorithm

Data Structures



Graph Data Structure

Graph image from http://www3.cs.stonybrook.edu

Tree Data Structure

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